The market moves fast and the only buyers in this market are ready, willing, and able to purchase a home.  Buying a home can be complicated but it helps to be prepared for the process in advance.  Ezra has the experience to assist you through each step of your transaction. It's an exciting process, and he’s thrilled to guide you seamlessly through to the end result: a smooth closing. 

ready to buy a home

  • Clean up your credit reports
  • Obtain your FICO credit scores
  • Review your debt, save money, switch to automatic bill pay
  • Research your mortgage options
  • Research homeownership costs
  • Get approved for a mortgage in advance
  • Be ready to show proof of funds

buying process

  • Get pre-qualified by a lender.  Contact Ezra if you need recommendations on a good lender.
  • Schedule property tours
  • Target an ideal home and write an offer
  • Present the offer and respond to counter offers
  • Once an offer is accepted, escrow will be opened
  • Submit a completed loan application
  • Contingency period
  • Obtain homeowners insurance coverage
  • Sign documents
  • Submit down payment and closing funds
  • Lender sends funds to title company
  • Close of escrow
  • Move in!